A Delerious Desert

Arizona, specifically Apache Junction is a magical white hot Mars inspired trailer park. Layers of Palm Springs mid-century dust can at times fill the sunset mirage. Our most recent film collaboration with Richard Douglas was an ode to the last days of our outside capabilities. The Summer here is nuclear, and I often compare it to the East Coasts winter blues. We sit tight in our air conditioned layers and stare blindly out the window until October brings its Fall fire extinguisher. This shoot became our bright delirium, a subtle surrender to the sun. Richard and I shouting from excitement on the side of the road and discussing how growing up out here might have its side effects. I love this Desert home and the people it lovingly layers dust on and then spits out. So here's to the Desert machine! 


Clothing :: Fox + Ozzy Vintage | Levis |

High Bye

This latest collaboration with Cara Santini reminded me what I love most about Fox + Ozzy and it is the organic way artists will flourish if they are given complete creative control and the right pieces to inspire them. I was lucky enough to meet Cara working on an Afends Clothing shoot in the middle of the Superstition mountains. The day was a creative adventure mostly floating on motorcycles and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I knew I had to send her vintage immediately! These photos below are a compilation of a surprise package I sent to her home in Los Angeles and her incredible witchy subtle eye.

For more of her incredible work please visit her site here.

DNA Magazine Mexico

Kailas, an editorial New York champ and I met a few years past when I had only been signed for a short time and was accepting editorial payment in the form of pot brownies. Fast forward a few years..he's been kicking major ass in New York and I'm now a vintage pushing mom who makes inappropriate Metallica stripper jokes when I see film from his shoot earlier in the day. It's cool, we both laughed. I met him at Hotel San Carlos after a Fox morning and evening bar shift. My hair and makeup department was hotel tap water under the eyes to wake me up and a nice gaze that comes with shooting at two in the morning. Kailas pulled a fancy amount of modern pieces. I dropped dusty Fox and Ozzy layers where I could and I jumped on things until someone told us not to. Catch the full editorial here

Electric West

 Oh what a morning! Taco stands and my husband’s thousand year old jeans made this shoot complete. Joseph Maddon on the lens, Electric West Goods in hand, and babies mean mugging from their car seats.. wait what? Yes both our boys were on deck for this series. I like to pretend my son Fox is my personal creative director. Children will always tell you the truth in fashion and they will also always agree to a photoshoot if popsicles are promised!

For more of Joseph’s art click here!


Sun Exposure

A collection of behind the scenes film shot while styling for photographer Kailas in town from NY -www.kailasphotography.com. I ran around with a disposable and safety pins keeping Jeanne from The Agency Arizona stellar in our vintage and a mix of Chanel and Marc Jacobs. Hair by Jenny from the always inspiring www.theconfessionsofahairstylist.com and Diane Aiello on makeup - www.glamlounge.net. The vast wasteland of Apache Junction can be just as vastly inspiring. Locals kept it interesting with their loud cars and dusty grins. 

Bummer Gaze

Our most recent collaboration with Joseph Maddon was a last minute drift through Arizona's cotton fields and freeways. Sometimes too much can go into a shoot and that hangout, that moment is lost. I asked Joseph if he would be into shooting in the morning and by afternoon I had grabbed what I felt like wearing that day, my son, some chap stick, and there we were on the side of the 101. Joseph is able to go with the wander and that's part of why he kills at photography. Here is a mix of both Film and Digital from that November morning. I'm wearing a mix of personal basics and Fox & Ozzy Vintage. Check out more of the series within our Styling page!

American Classic

Sometimes family heirlooms are lockets or sometimes they're irreplaceable  Honda racing jerseys. My husband was kindly badass enough to suggest we use his late father's racing jersey while shooting on his favorite toy in the Superstition Desert. Photograph by Josh Reed and style by Taylor Sheridan. Arizona you will forever be kind to the lense and inspiration. 


Inspired this Friday by our shoot with Josh Reed and Taylor Sheridan. There is something magic about wearing a shirt with more mileage than myself. This piece is an Independent T shirt that's skated more bowls than folds. The more tattered and thinned out the happier they seem to make me.  


         Jumping in! The water is cold and it looks pretty high but damn it we're going to smile the whole way down (in our case hopefully up)! Leaving the safety of my office gig is churning into a sincere compilation of self discovery, and yes this is going to get gross but I'll think of something cynical and funny towards the end. I found myself hanging back on creating this brand due to fear it would fall short in some way or that everything had already been done.

         Then I pulled my head out of some heavy Mandy Moore song and realized all I want to create is a feeling of fun and rebelliousness, and THAT my blog reading acquaintances  is nothing to be overwhelmed with. With that being said I'm determined to bring you some of the raddest vintage grabs found only in the no mans land areas of Arizona.

       Even if that water stays cold and the lifeguard yells at me for running I’ll be happy to simply be in that free sunshine.