Jumping in! The water is cold and it looks pretty high but damn it we're going to smile the whole way down (in our case hopefully up)! Leaving the safety of my office gig is churning into a sincere compilation of self discovery, and yes this is going to get gross but I'll think of something cynical and funny towards the end. I found myself hanging back on creating this brand due to fear it would fall short in some way or that everything had already been done.

         Then I pulled my head out of some heavy Mandy Moore song and realized all I want to create is a feeling of fun and rebelliousness, and THAT my blog reading acquaintances  is nothing to be overwhelmed with. With that being said I'm determined to bring you some of the raddest vintage grabs found only in the no mans land areas of Arizona.

       Even if that water stays cold and the lifeguard yells at me for running I’ll be happy to simply be in that free sunshine.